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Sessions & Programs

​"Robin provided me with an amazing breath work session. Upon opening the session she engaged me in dialog that was welcoming and I instantly felt comfortable in her presence.  She was very instructional & provided me with great directions for what to do. I felt safe in her container to participate. Robin has a soothing voice & it was very relaxing even as the breath work got more intense. She took the time to talk after the actual breath part was over, further cementing the rapport between us. Robin has a true gift to offer as a facilitator & I would highly recommend her to others!"

~Patricia Cimino, Professional Growth & Mindset Coach

Group practicing breath work outside

Private Group and Corporate Sessions

In-Person or Online

Private group and corporate sessions are available between 30-90 minute sessions. Please contact me for a quote or to schedule a session for your group.

* Session Packs are available at a reduced rate per session. Please contact me for details.

Yoga Class
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"As I was driving home (after breathwork class) I reached for the radio at some point, but I was struck by how intrusive it was to my peace of mind, and immediately turned it back off. The silence was very comfortable. I also had a restful sleep with some of the most vivid dreams I have had in awhile, and when I woke this morning I had a physical sense, which was familiar, of my body having 'worked through' some sort of toxic energy I had been carrying around."


"Robin really took her time exploring with me, letting me set the pace with what I was comfortable with. Robin made it clear at the beginning that we were working through the session as partners, and I thought that was so beautiful and lended to the support I felt. Robin is an amazing coach and I hope I have the blessing to work with her again in the future."

~Mica W.

"Robin has such a beautiful way about her. It's something I'm not sure can even be taught and its innate in her ability to connect and intuit. My favorite part during our session was when she asked me to ask myself a question and wait for the answer inside of me - that was powerful - and it's building my own trust in going to my own inner voice first."

~Nona M.

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